Newsletter No. 19 - october 2002
World team cup women's team The Dutch women’s team that won the Invacare World Team Cup.

Sonja was in the Dutch women’s team that won the Invacare World Team Cup last month. The summer period was very productive as well, with several runner-up places at major tournaments in the singles and several tournament wins in the doubles. In addition to her current studies, Sonja has also started a course in criminology. Since the start of her website in November 1998, more than 15,000 hits have been recorded.

World Team Cup
Sonja played in the Dutch women’s team that won the Invacare World Team Cup last September. This world championship for national teams is comparable to the Davis Cup (men) and Fed Cup (women). It was held in Tremosine (Italy) with teams from 31 countries participating. The Dutch team, coached by Aad Zwaan, was seeded number one and did what was expected of them by successively defeating France and Japan 3-0. In the final against the United States, Sonja lost just two games on her way to resoundingly beating Karin Korb 6-2, 6-0. Team member Esther Vergeer finished the job by sweeping through the first set against Sharon Clark without losing a game before wrapping up a 6-0, 6-3 victory. With the Championship already decided, the doubles rubber didn’t have to be played and the champagne was uncorked earlier than expected! The numerous reactions, personal congratulations, e-mails and beautiful bouquets of flowers were truly overwhelming and heart-warming. The attention devoted by the media to the Dutch team’s victory certainly played a part in this.

Productive summer period
The summer was a very productive period for Sonja. In the singles she was runner-up at the French Open, Dutch Open, British Open and Swiss Open. On each occasion Esther Vergeer was her opponent, and she hasn’t lost a match for more than two years. The last time she lost was ……. to Sonja at the British Open. That created something of a sensation! After fine wins over twice British Open champion Daniela di Toro and world No. 2 Maaike Smit, Sonja looked set to repeat this feat. But Esther had other ideas, didn’t allow herself to be caught out and won 7-5, 6-3. Sonja then had to miss the Austrian Open because of a shoulder strain.
Sonja was also successful in the doubles, with wins at the Brabant Open and French Open and runner-up places in the UK and Switzerland. With her fourth spot on the world ranking list in both the singles and doubles, Sonja is undoubtedly among the world’s top players.

Two tournaments to go
Two more tournaments are left on the calendar for the rest of this season. First of all Sonja will defend her title at the US Open in San Diego. This will be followed by the Wheelchair Tennis Masters, which is being held (both for the singles and doubles) in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, from 12-17 November. It will be an excellent opportunity to see Sonja play and cheer her on. We will keep you posted on times and results on Sonja’s website.

Sonja has now passed all her exams except one. Unfortunately she won’t be able to take this final examination until May 2003 at the earliest. She is also working hard on her thesis, so she will probably be able to wrap up her studies round about the middle of 2003. In addition, Sonja has also started a course in criminology, likewise at the Free University in Amsterdam. Many children with neurological problems regretfully get into trouble with law enforcement agencies, so this study is a very useful addition to her current Child Neuropsychology studies.

15,000 hits
Since November 1998, Sonja’s website has had more than 15,000 visitors! People from all over the world are finding their way to Sonja’s site. We thank you all very much for your interest.