Newsletter No.18 - June 2002


victory in japan open 2002 doubles
[Photo caption: Japan Open, win in the doubles]

Sonja Peters is doing well in international tennis and succeeding in maintaining her position in the world top. At the same time, she is working hard to complete her studies. She had her ups and downs in the first half of the season but the rest of this year's tournament schedule still leaves plenty of opportunity for success. Sonja is very pleased with her loyal sponsors, including several new ones.

Sonja is now in the final phase of her neuropsychology studies at the Free University of Amsterdam. She has already passed two examinations and is now anxiously awaiting the outcome of a third one. Immediately after returning from Japan she had to burn the midnight oil again, studying hard to pass another exam. This examination was originally scheduled for the day of her return but turned out to have been postponed for two weeks. Sonja has also started her thesis and that involves several hurdles that have to be overcome. But the finishing line is in sight!

Tournament results
In Australia, Sonja played three tournaments in January and February. The first one was the Classic 8’s, a tournament for the eight highest ranked men and women in the world. This is held concurrent with the Australian Open Grand Slam tournament in Melbourne. It was followed by the Sydney International and the Australian Wheel Chair Tennis Open, again in Melbourne. In the singles Sonja was not so successful. Partly due to unfavourable draws, she was eliminated early in both tournaments. In the doubles, however, together with Esther Vergeer, she won the Classic 8’s and was runner-up in the other two tournaments.

In the US, another series of three tournaments was held in March and April. At the Nasdaq 100 in Key Biscayne, Sonja found herself between the international stars of the similarly named ATP Masters tournament. Sonja lost in the first round to the top seed, Maaike Smit. One week later, at the Florida Open, she was again defeated by Maaike but this time in the semi-finals. At the Cajun Classic in Baton Rouge she had a magnificent victory. In the doubles, Sonja won both the Florida Open and the Cajun Classic.

Sonja has very good memories of her first visit to Japan, which you could deduce from her enthusiastic reports on her homepage. She reached the singles finals of the Japan Open but found Daniela di Toro to be too strong. Together with Danni she won the doubles.

All in all, Sonja is doing well and has managed to maintain her position in the world top. In the singles she is in fourth place in the world ranking list and ranked third in the doubles.

Further tournament schedule 2002
Sonja is really enjoying her tennis – and that is evident from the schedule for the rest of the year. After the Brabant Open in Valkenswaard, the Netherlands (June 14, 15 and 16 – more information on the website!), which is renowned for its sociability, her travels take her to Paris, Rotterdam (for the Dutch Open, July 9-14), Jambes (Belgium), Nottingham (UK), Gross Siegharts (Austria) and lastly, Geneva. Sonja has also been selected for the Dutch team that is taking part in the World Team Cup in Italy. Finally, Sonja hopes to be able to go to the US Open and, of course, also take part again in the Tennis Masters.

Sonja and the Foundation are very pleased with their loyal sponsors. The sponsors' logos with clickable links can be found on Sonja’s homepage under the heading ‘sponsors’. Starting this year, Sonja has concluded a contract with Völkl (for tennis racquets and strings), while Jeroen Akkermans (AKWI Sport, Eindhoven) strings all her racquets with professional expertise. Automobielbedrijf de Jong, in Duivendrecht, made the acquisition of her brand new Peugeot 206 especially attractive from the financial viewpoint. All these sponsors give Sonja greatly appreciated support in her world class sporting ambitions and achievements.