Newsletter No. 17, December 2001

US Open 2001
Photo caption
Winner US Open Super Series

Sonja Peters has succeeded extremely well in combining study and top sport over the years. During the first half of the year she did her practical training, with good results. After that she was able to concentrate fully on tennis, maintaining her position in the world top. Her most memorable victory was winning the US Open. The Board of the Foundation is now complete again and we also welcome a new Webmaster.

In September, Sonja has finished her practical training at the Paedological Institute in Duivendrecht and obtained good results. This means that more time will be available for tournaments in the forthcoming season. Early in the new year, Sonja still has some examinations to sit and in the second half a compulsory period of practical training. She has already started writing her thesis. If everything goes according to plan, she will be able to finish her studies by December next year.

Sonja has shown that she can combine study and top sport with excellent results. In May, she played the Lakeshore World Challenge in between her practical training. During the school holidays she really went for it: eight tournaments in nine weeks! In the singles, Sonja played twelve tournaments in which she reached the semi-final six times, including the Wheelchair Tennis Masters, and played the final four times. Her most memorable result was winning the US Open. Together with the British Open these are the only two really prestigious Super Series tournaments in wheelchair tennis. As Sonja won the British Open last year, she is one of the few players who have won both of these major events.
In the doubles, Sonja was again successful with various partners: out of nine tournaments she made the final four times and stood on the highest rung three times! Thanks to this outstanding performance, Sonja finished with an excellent fifth spot this year in the world ranking in the singles and a sixth spot in the doubles. A more than valid reason for the city of Eindhoven to award her the municipal Sports Medal

kerstboomWarm start to the New Year
For Sonja, the 2002 season will start in Australia. For the first time in the history of the sport the Wheelchair Classic 8’s will be organised in Melbourne. This is a tournament for the best eight men and women and will run together with the Australian Grand Slam tournament. It represents a terrific next step in the integration and professionalisation of wheelchair tennis. This major tournament will be followed by the Sydney International and the Australian Open Wheelchair Tennis Championships in Melbourne. Sonja is already looking forward longingly to her trip, not in the least because of the glorious weather ‘down under’!

kerstboomBoard at full strength
The Board of the ‘Foundation Friends of Wheelchair Tennis Player Sonja’ is at full strength again. Hans Smit has accepted the position of chairman. Together with secretary Fenny Keller and treasurer Gerard Tournoij, they will do their best to help Sonja realise her sporting ambitions. Jack van Vlerken is looking after the sponsoring contacts, while Riny van Vlerken and Tini Peters are jointly attending to communication in the broadest sense.

kerstboomNew Webmaster
Since 1997, Sonja’s website has been looked after by Martijn van Mierlo. His mission: to make it a website worth seeing. The 10,000 visitors over the last three years clearly demonstrate that Martijn has more than accomplished his mission. Due to pressure of work, however, Martijn is now obliged to hand over his webmaster’s pen to another, equally enthusiastic cyberspace specialist. Thank you very much for your time and effort, Martijn! And thank you, too, Paul Kuijken, for accepting the challenge to continue with and build on Martijn’s past successes.

kerstboomSeasons greetings!
Sonja and the ‘Foundation Friends of Wheelchair Tennis Player Sonja’ thank everyone very, very much for their enthusiastic support during the past season. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Successful 2002!