By winning the doubles in the Australian Open, Sonja Peters has moved to the top spot in the world ranking. Apart from this new triumph, Sonja has managed to retain her fourth place in the singles. With her heart set on qualifying for the Paralympics in 2000, she has an ambitious tournament schedule ahead of her this season.

Nr.1 in het dubbelspel
Tournament wins in Australia and America
Sonja again had a good start this season. Thanks to her results in the Australian Open in Melbourne, she is now the world's number 1 in the doubles. Together with Sharon Walraven she beat the Canadian-Japanese couple Chokyu/Ohmae 6-2,1-6,6-2. In Wervershoof, Sonja won a national tournament for the Dutch ranking. In late March/early April, Sonja played two tournaments in sunny Florida where she reached the semi-finals both times and won the doubles in Boca Raton together with Esther Vergeer. The upshot of these achievements is that she has retained her fourth place on the world ranking. In the Dutch ranking, Sonja is presently number 3 in the singles and is ranked second in the doubles.

Tournament schedule
Coming events cast their shadows before them...This season and the next are largely characterized by the Paralympics, which will be held in Sydney from 18 to 29 October 2000. Sonja has set her sights on qualifying for this prestigious event and is therefore working through an ambitious tournament schedule for the rest of the season.

This is her calendar:

Then a brief stop for a change of clothes at Schiphol Airport and she's off again, this time to the
'high-fives' with doubles partners Esther Vergeer
Are you still with us? Sonja moves on:
Call for donations
Thanks to your generous sponsoring and donations, Sonja is able to play a large number of tournaments where she can gather the required ranking points that will lead to her selection for the Dutch Paralympics team. But time is running out! We are already in the countdown to the year 2000! It's make or break time!

Naturally, that requires additional effort. The tournament schedule is very demanding and Sonja is having additional training. This is why we are appealing to you for additional support for Sonja by means of the enclosed card. May we count on you?

Keep informed!
Interested in Sonja's interim results, rankings or tournament schedule? Then why not visit her website where this information is regularly updated:

If you would like to see Sonja play in one of the Dutch tournaments, you can phone or fax for exact times and dates of play to (+31)-40-2816419.