The winners trophy of the Lakeshore World Challenge

In America, Sonja played two tournaments and obtained her best result so far, taking her to the ninth place of the world ranking list. For the rest of the season there are quite a few tournaments planned. An injury caused by an unfortunate fall and some arrears in her studies are not deterring Sonja from increasing her efforts.

Tournament win in America
Sonja scored a fantastic result in the US by winning the Lakeshore World Challenge in Birmingham, Alabama, her best result so far. In the finals she defeated Brigitte Ameryckx of Belgium decisively by 6-1/6-3. The finals of this very professionally organized tournament were covered by a TV crew with three cameras and live commentary, rounded off with an interview. Two days earlier the tournament had to be interrupted because of a tornado in the area. It caused considerable damage to a nearby shopping mall. The things that happen to you!
One week earlier Sonja reached the singles semi-finals of the USTA National Outdoor in Atlanta and only just lost the finals of the doubles.
Thanks to these results, Sonja has climbed to the ninth place of the singles world ranking list, for a short while she was even ranked eighth. In the doubles she holds the ninth position.

Tournament schedule
For the rest of the season Sonja still has a very busy schedule: the
Dutch Open in Utrecht (July 7-12),
Belgian Open (July 14-19),
British Open (July 20-26),
Austrian Open (August 4-9),
German Open (August 12-16 ),
French Open (August 26-30),
Sportement Tilburg (September 11-13)

and two tournaments in California: the
Tahoe International Championships (October 2-4) and the
US Open (October 12-18).

If Sonja succeeds in being among the top eight of the world by then, she can participate in the Wheelchair Tennis Masters that are to be held in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, from 17 to 22 November: 'I actually had the eighth ranking in my grasp shortly. Now that I know what it's like, I'm really going to fight for it!'.
However, the start of this series of tournaments has been less fortunate. Owing to an unlucky fall, Sonja sustained a cut in her forehead (needing three stitches) and a sore right arm. However that has certainly not diminished her fighting spirit.

Sponsor meeting
This year a lively sponsor meeting was held again in the stylish Nashuatec Business Lounge in the PSV Football Stadium in Eindhoven. Just returned from America, Sonja enthusiastically related her experiences and results which have put her well on schedule as regards her targets. Nice for Sonja, but also nice for the sponsors! They feel themselves related to her perseverance, or, as the chairman expressed it: 'Winners choose a winner'.
The fact that her future ambitions also have financial consequences was clear to everyone. The sponsors were extremely satisfied about the Website (which was demonstrated on-line), with the information about their companies and the links to the respective sites. This also applies to the ample publicity that Sonja receives, and consequently the sponsors as well.

Due to the tournaments in Australia, New Zealand and America, Sonja now has some arrears in her studies. But it would be wrong to think that Sonja has written off the preliminary examinations that she missed or failed. She will carry on with her studies during and in between the forthcoming tournaments and in this way she intends to pass some of the exams the second time round in August.

Interested in Sonja's interim results and rankings? Then take a look at her Website where this information is regularly updated.
For exact times and dates of play of the tournaments you can also phone or fax (+31)-40-2816419.