Sonja in Melbourne Park

They say that the first blow is half the battle. In Australia and New Zealand, Sonja laid a good basis for a busy wheelchair tennis season and climbed several places in the world ranking list. Her private transport is again ensured thanks to the sponsoring of a leasing compagny. On the Internet site you can find a regular update of the results and rankings.

Good season's start
After a relatively short and comfortable flight by KLM, Sonja started the new season with three tournaments in Australia and New Zealand. Bearing in mind the old adage that the first blow is half the battle, she reached the semi-finals in the women's singles and doubles both in the Sydney Summer Open and the Australian Open in Melbourne. On both occasions she ran up against Daniela di Toro, the current number three in the world. In the mixed doubles she and her partner won the tournament. At times things got pretty hot, with temperatures soaring to 40°C. In New Zealand Sonja and her partners won the women's doubles and the mixed doubles.
As a result of these achievements Sonja again climbed several places in the world rankings. Her 15th place in the singles and 10th place in the women's doubles are an excellent starting point for the rest of the season.
All in all, it was a very special experience for Sonja. The tournaments were extremely well organised, the atmosphere was fantastic and the people the most friendly and hospitable you can imagine. Equally unforgettable were the beautiful scenery and wonderful climate: what more can you wish for when you have been experiencing the changeable weather of a Dutch winter!
Picture: Maori family in Rota Rua, New-Zealand

Tournament schedule
It looks like it's going to be another busy tennis season. Altogether there are 15 national but mostly international tournaments planned. Most of the remaining international tournaments this year will be held in Europe, but for the autumn America is also programmed. More details on dates and places will follow in the next Newsletter.

Sponsors and donors
After well over a year's very enjoyable driving in her Mitsubishi Colt with automatic transmission, the sponsoring contract with Mitsubishi Netherlands recently came to an end. We are therefore very happy to report that a leasing compagny, has taken over the Colt and placed it at Sonja's disposal.
The other sponsors are all with us again this year. And who knows, perhaps some of our donors will again do what they can to help bring the sporting ambitions within financial reach.

Internet site
Sonja's own attractive website gives plenty of information on her targets, tournament schedule, results and sponsors. The tournament results and rankings are updated at regular intervals by Martijn van Mierlo, making it worth a visit from time to time. Leaving a message can be done through the e-mail option. And by clicking on the logo of the sponsors a link is made to their related sites. See you at Sonja's site? It can be found on

Sonja is still well on target with her studies. Missing out a month for her trip to Australia and New Zealand obviously had an effect, and that also applies to the rest of the season. Matching study, training and tournament schedule is not easy. Fortunately the Nondenominational University of Amsterdam is quite cooperative, so a good compromise can be found.

So, all in all, prospects for the coming season are very positive and we wish Sonja every succes. It won't be for want of trying on her part!